Tech togs that intrigue me

I missed the first meeting of this class during Week 0, but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone soon. I should probably start by saying that I’m very new to the field of wearable tech, though I’m planning to get some conductive thread and modify a pair of fleece gloves before it really gets cold this winter.

Anyway — here are 5 things that piqued my interest when I went looking for examples:

1. The Rambler Shoes, developed by Ricardo O”Nascimento and Tiago Martins, which send a stream of “taps” and periods to a designated Twitter account, communicating how many steps you’re taking, and how quickly. I chose these because they provide an ambiguous stream of information, and I’m much more drawn to providing that than I am to broadcasting exactly where I am at all times.

2. Klight: the sparkling dress designed by Mareike Michel that interacts with your body’s movement, translating it into light.

3. Elana Corchero’s light-up parasol from the Solar Vintage collection: does a parasol count as clothing? I suppose that’s a matter of interpretation, but as someone who’s had close encounters with cars that didn’t see me, a parasol that could light up would be really useful.

And my two favorites, both from CuteCircuit:

4. The M-Dress, whose motion sensors and gesture-recognition software allow you to make calls just by raising and lowering your hand to your ear.

5. The Hug Shirt, which allows you to send and receive hugs from all over the world. As someone involved in a long-distance relationship, how could I not be intrigued by this? But I think I’d be intrigued even without that motivation, just because the idea of transmitting bodily information is fascinating. Although I fear that if this becomes  a reality, then surely whoopie cushion gag underwear is not far behind.




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digital humanist, 18th and 19th Ph.D. student of English literature and economics
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