Hola! I found some pretty awesome wearables…

http://www.ecouterre.com/intelligent-t-shirt-monitors-hospital-patients-vital-signs-movements/                                                                                                                                          The “intelligent T-shirt” is able to track the health, location, and physical activity of patients in a hospital.  This new wearable technology was developed by researchers from la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

And here is the water-purifying raincoat!

It purifies rainwater using charcoal and chemical filters
while keeping you dry!  It was designed by Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction

Also, here is the solar-powered bikini that powers an iPod.


Designed by Andrew Schneider, the bikini soaks up sunrays
and transmits energy to cell phones or MP3 players.

Smart wallets save you $$!!


The Proverbial Wallets were created by Henry Holtzman, John
Kestner, and Daniel Leithinger for the purpose of notifying people when they
make electronic transactions or if they are reaching a budget by buzzing or
making it harder for the person to open, respectively.

One of my favorites is this cell phone embedded little black dress.


The ‘Little Black M-Dress’, where the M stands for Mobile
Phone, has a SIM card, an antenna hidden in its seams, and motion censors.

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