Communication Technology use

To me, isn’t technology use pretty much any artifact we use, not just electronics? Because I only see postings on the use of electronic media devices, such as your cell phone or computer, and one can argue that your blender is a piece of technology also.

Therefore, I’m guessing we are trying to reflect more on communication devices than the other, unless I have it wrong. So let’s back track on my day so far. This morning I used the alarm on my cell to wake me up. However, the event on my cell phone’s calendar woke me up before my alarm, which unnecessarily interrupted the 30 minutes of sleep I had left, so I decided to go back to sleep. Then I took my mom to the doctor in my car and translated for her doctor visit. After that I hopped over to the bus station which I used metro’s online trip planner and one bus away to see what was the fastest route option to take to school. Since I don’t have a smart phone I had to use the online version of both websites. I also checked my email and called to pay my garbage bill on my cell phone all on the bus. After class I also texted my friends on the cell phone. And right now i’m typing this up on my laptop.

Over the weekend, I definitely used my cell phone a lot to keep in contact with my group mates to conduct contextual inquiries on three participants for a project. I also used my desk top at home when it was more convenient to access than my laptop. I did homework using my laptop and accessed my emails. I also used the gps in my car to help guide me when conducting the contextual inquiries at the participants homes.

When it comes to design ideas, Paige made me think how being able to track the activities you do through the day can help you or your family members be more productive. Though that could mean impinging on certain privacy issues, I feel mothers could definitely use it to track their children’s daily activities and help them on how to improve their time management. Another idea raised by one of the participant during my contectual inquiry over the weekend was being able to have a portable tablet  that you could write on to give you reminders and track your daily activities, almost like a small portable white board that is digital and has a calendar on it. I would find that to be very useful, since a lot of us are very visual.


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