Connected 24/7

After class on Wednesday I spent the rest of the day tracking my interactions with technology and realized that I spend quite a bit of time being connected without even realizing it. I spent much of the day online, mostly on my smartphone because it’s pretty much just as powerful as my PC and has the portability to be used almost anywhere.

As I left class, I put on my Pandora playlist and like Paige checked One Bus Away to see when the next bus was coming. On the bus, I started I opened Safari to browse the Microsoft Fuse lab site, went back and forth between a couple of different Twitter conversations, Facebook status updates and updated my Fantasy football roster. When the bus went into the tunnel and the connection was lost, I sorted through the NPR and Seattle Times app to read the few articles that were already downloaded. I didn’t realize until I got off the bus that in 45 minutes I read the news, registered for free professional development sponsored by Microsoft, found the quickest way home and contributed to a bunch of meaningless conversation about Occupy Seattle. So I decided to monitor how much technology and media that I consume daily throughout the weekend to see what types of ideas would develop for this project.

This is what came to mind as I recap this weekend:
I tend to avoid from places where 3g or wifi is unavailable (without realizing it), so I downloaded a tracking app to see all of the places where I go and highlight or map all of the locations where connectivity is limited. Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try to gather some data and map this because I’m curious to see how being connected influences where I go or how long I stay there.

I also realized that I check my email entirely too much, and too often. Thinking about notifications and taking into account my laziness especially on the weekends, I thought it could be cool to have a wearable to notify me whenever a new email came in (which could be selective: from a specific group of friends or work related)… Maybe a watch connected to my email account that could alert when messages are received and could display the sender and subject. I thought about the process of repurposing an existing watch, but then what about the idea of repurposing the idea of the watch and how its used?

I’m interested in hearing others feedback or thoughts and also if anyone else tracked their technology interaction as well.


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