Getting started with Arduino

(October 26, 2011) Today Brian, Thuy, and I came in during our office hours to get our hands on some Arduino practice. Our first step was to make an LED blink. So, we searched some YouTube videos and found a very useful one made by a user named “SciGuy14”. His tutorials were very thorough and gave us a good look at what he was doing. His first tutorial was pretty simple (making an LED blink), but his second tutorial is where things really got into the nitty-gritty.

His second tutorial consisted of making an LED activate using a button. It was broken up into 3 sections. First, he made the LED turn on at the push of the button (and turn off at another press of the button). Pretty simple. Next, he made the LED activate by holding down the button (and when letting go, the LED would turn off). We actually had trouble with this at first, and tried to figure out what was going wrong. After a few checks, we realized that there was a typo in our code. This was good because it’ll make us be more careful when typing up code in the future. His third part made us press a button multiple times to change the intensity of the LED. Again, for some reason we had a difficult time figuring out what went wrong. Even after checking the code, it seemed like nothing was wrong. So, we decided to fiddle around with the circuitry and it ended up fixing it. Success!

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