It Blinks!

October 26, 2011

During office hours, Julius, Brian and I tinkered with the Arduino.  The main source of our learning was YouTube.  We watched videos of SciGuy14 and he was helpful.  The code for running the Arduino reminded me of Java, a programming language that I have learned from taking a CSE class a couple years ago.  I still remembered a little of the basics of the language but was disappointed that I couldn’t recall some of the important functions.  We followed the code that SciGuy gave us and although I understood the overall picture, I didn’t feel that I could have written the code from scratch.  One of these days, I hope to read through programming for the Arduino so I can understand it from the ground up.

We managed to make the Arduino LED blink three different ways.  First, we programmed it to blink at the push of a button.  Next, we worked on making it blink on until we pushed the button again for it to turn off.  Sometimes we would encounter errors with our code because of simple typos.  We had difficulty trying to make the LED change intensity by repeatedly pushing on the button.  It was fun playing with the Arduino.

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