Simple wearable printed from scratch

Hey Hackademia, was able to print out my first simple wearable yesterday using the Makerbot with some help from our groupmates, designed from scratch. Discovering you could print out a 3d model of your own design, I decided to try out my ME 123 skills. I just wanted to make a simple design so I could test it out, and it worked. I can make more complicated designs if necessary, but I wanted to test out the waters first. Of course this is just a basic bracelet and it can’t do anything at the moment, but it can have further implications down the road knowing that we can use this method as a tool also.


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4 Responses to Simple wearable printed from scratch

  1. mrblennessy says:

    Nice job Cam!
    For your next project could you try creating a bracelet that held a small device in it? For our final project I am guessing we will need it to hold a small bluetooth device or a microphone.

    • Thanks! Sure thing! What size and shape is the device? If you can give me an example, even better if I can hold it in my hand, I can try to design a bracelet to fit the device in it. I’m so excited to take on this task!

  2. bethkolko says:

    Cam — great! It would be really interesting to tie the Makerbot into the wearables somehow. It depends on the project itself and form factors, but great job designing and printing. Check out and maybe upload your design there!

    • Thanks Beth! I figured we might as well use what we got for our project. Hopefully we can generate more ideas from it. Great idea, as soon as I get home tonight I will try to figure out how to upload my design and upload it to thingiverse.

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