Tinkering with my Dead Laptop

So my computer decided to die on my today.  A couple of days ago, it started to force shut down every time I put it in sleep mode.  I didn’t really think too much of it.  Yesterday, however, my computer began to force shut down every time I was currently using it.  Today, the only thing that appears on the screen when I try to turn it on is a black screen with a mouse.

I should have backed up my files when the computer first started acting up.  Now my files are gone.  Thuy and I spent a few hours trying to fix my computer.  We searched on Google and YouTube.  Some users had a similar problem (their computers also had a black screen with a mouse), but they had some response from their computer.  The ctrl+alt+delete dialog box appeared and they were able to fix the problem with that.  My computer, on the other hand, refused to respond to anything.

Thuy and I took apart my laptop to find the hardrive with all of my files.  We tried to hook up my laptop’s hardrive to another PC.  The hardrive fitted into the other PC’s hardrive slot, but the other PC wasn’t able to boot up.  I guess we were just desperate at this point because I wanted to retrieve my files back.


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