Playing with the Lilypad Arduino 328

To begin, I went to the lilypad website listed on the inside of the kit’s box. (This website/box is wrong by the way.  We have the Lilypad Arduino 328, not the 168).  Quick side note; if you ever have a problem uploading to the board, check what board you are set to in tools.  For more extensive troubleshooting look HERE.

After this hang up I found my way to a lilypad tutorial that covers almost the exact same basic stuff as the arduino tutorial.  The LED tutorial is easier because the lilypad has an on board LED.

So ya, on to the next one: Making my own switch out of alligator clips.  First there was a side quest to make a no-slip pad.  I followed the link to the how-to, made that thing, and was back to the main tutorial.  We only have one alligator clip so I just used wire, rendering the no-slip pad useless.  Anyways, this was easy as well, but was a simple way to learn what the code is doing when you have a switch.

Unfortunately we do not have the RGB LED, speaker, or light sensor modules required for the next 3 tutorials.  Fail.

So I skipped to Build Something!, and found an amazing tutorial for how to build the turn signal bike jacket.  I am excited about this because Julius had mentioned making it and I had no idea there was such an easy to follow tutorial.

Then I went to share it and found more cool projects with easy to follow tutorials!

Tomorrow I will mess with the RFID sensor using this tutorial.

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One Response to Playing with the Lilypad Arduino 328

  1. Paige Morgan says:

    I’ve got an RGB LED in my kit — if you want to use it, I’m in the lab now, and will be here till 5.

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