Meeting MakerBot

November 3, 2011

Amado and I met with Cam at the lab to get acquainted with the MakerBot.  I downloaded the replicatorg software onto my Mac.  It took a while for the MakerBot to warm up.  While we were waiting, Cam showed us the thingiverse website where we can download some designs and print them.  We browsed through the models that people posted.  I would like to learn a bit about 3D modeling so I can design something and then print it out with MakerBot.  We decided to print something simple and found the Lilypad holder.  We encountered some technical difficulties with connecting my Mac to the MakerBot, which took awhile for us to figure out what the problem was.  I’m going to ask Cam about the software where I can design something and come back to the lab some other time to print something out with the MakerBot.

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