Trying to Make a Lilypad with the Makerbot

Last week, Cam, Thuy, and I were experimenting with the Makerbot.  We downloaded the ReplicatorG software onto Thuy’s laptop and searched for items that we could make from the Makerbot.   We decided to make a lilypad because the code was already provided for us.

The first problem that we encountered was that the Makerbot and ReplicatorG seemed to not be communicating or connected to each other.  We kept getting error messages from ReplicatorG.  We waited a pretty long time until the machine started to work (I think that we just had to wait until the Makerbot warmed up before it started working).  Before uploading the code, we waited for the Makerbot to reach a certain temperature (I think it was 255 degrees Fahrenheit).  In the meantime, Thuy taught me how to solder since I missed last Wednesday’s meeting.

The second problem that we encountered was that the code for the lilypad was taking extremely long to upload to the Makerbot.  We waited almost an hour, and it was still in the process of uploading.  We all had to leave before the code was fully uploaded so we never got to make the lilypad.

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