So far, so good….

I’ve learned a lot in the class and so far it’s been a good experience. I was nervous initially about having an unstructured class focusing on new content and designing something in a domain unfamiliar to me using tools that I’ve never heard of. Assuming all the other students must have some sort of expertise in this particular area or they wouldn’t have signed up for the class was intimidating and without even realizing it, I decided I was going to be more of a passive observer. I quickly realized that everyone brought a different perspective to the class, each being valuable and the concept of the class started to click. I initially planned to work on kodu being the easier of the two projects, but given the supporting atmosphere of our group, have started to work on the arduino project and I’m starting to like it. There’s a lot to learn but everyone likes to share what they know and we usually have fun in the process.

In the past few weeks I have bought a few sensors to experiment with and I’m starting to think about projects beyond this class that I can possibly incorporate into work or just for fun. Alexis and I were looking into connecting the arduino with Vex (robotics) and possibly use sensors – speech recognition, range finder… control it. In the beginning of this class, I wouldn’t even have thought of this being possible.

I’ve learned a lot about my learning (if that makes any sense) and about multi-disciplinary collaboration and the exchanging of ideas that leads to innovative projects. As for the current project, I’m interested to see how it will come together and how we will proceed from here. Anyone planning to work in the lab before Wednesday?

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