Sewing with Conductive Thread

November 9, 2011

After our research meeting, I went to Metrix with Blaine, Cam and Paige to work on the blinking signal turn jacket for bicyclists.  It was my first time at Metrix and I found the place to be rather interesting.  There were a lot of equipment and supplies that can be used to make so many cool things.  I spent a couple hours sewing the battery pack and the Lilypad onto the jacket using the conductive thread that Paige brought.  I had to read through the directions carefully from the website because it was my first time working with conductive thread and I didn’t want to mess anything up.  I observed how Cam was designing the wafer for which the LEDs are to be mounted on which makes for easy sewing.  The software that was used was called InkScape.  Blaine also showed me how the LEDs were wired together so that they can be sewed onto the jacket.  I wanted to check the conductivity of my sewing of the conductive thread using a multimeter but didn’t get the chance to because it was getting late.  Blaine said that it would be easy to use the multimeter to check the conductivity if we were to learn from Bennett since he has the knowledge to do so. I hope I can finish sewing on the rest of the jacket and am looking forward to the finish product.

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