Hackademia Lab Time

Today, Julius, Thuy, and I went to the HCDE lab to work on the second LED jacket project.  We want to create a jacket that has multiple LED lights on the back that can adjust brightness.  For example, the LEDs would become brighter when it is darker outside.  We wanted to find a way to adjust the brightness of the LEDs by turning a dial/knob so we looked online (YouTube, Google) to see if we could find a tutorial.  We couldn’t find a tutorial, but we did find a video that actually showed us a dial/knob adjusting the brightness of an LED.  As a result, we decided to use a button to adjust the LEDs’ brightness because we thought it would be easier than using a dial/knob.  Also, there are tutorials using buttons on YouTube.

In addition, we decided to watch an electrical engineering basics video so that we could learn more about the fundamentals of circuitry.  We learned that V (voltage in volts) = I (current in amps) * R (resistance in ohms).  The video was pretty confusing, but I think we learned some of the basic ideas.  We also looked up more information regarding resistors, breadboards, and other components.  We watched a video to solder LEDs to resistors as well (Julius taught us that this technique will eliminate the need of the breadboard).  We were too afraid to solder anything to the arduino because we did not want to damage it.

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