Learning about EE

November 11, 2011

I came into the Hackademia lab with Amado and Julius to get started on the other blinking jacket.  This form of wearable technology is fashion focused since we plan to have the jacket light up to different intensities with the manual turning of a knob or dial.  We searched around for the materials to work on the jacket but were disappointed that the Lilypads were taken out of the lab so we couldn’t tinker with them.  However, we Googled information on how we would approach the knob controlled LED.  We watched some videos where people successfully used a knob to change the intensity of the LED light.

Furthermore, we watched videos that taught us how to solder LEDs to resistors.  l learned that you solder the longer wire of the LED to the resistor.  I wanted to attempt the soldering but then was afraid that we might be unsuccessful at doing so and break the Arduino, which would be a bad thing.  We attempted to learn some of the basics of electrical engineering and watched an explanation of Ohm’s law.  Frankly, we found some of the information rather confusing to follow.  Additionally, we found information on what resistors and breadboards do.  Joining this research group has introduced me to different facets of electrical engineering.

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