Happy Veterans Day!

Today, Amado, Thuy and I came into the Hackademia lab to start working on our alternate jacket project. Similar to the turn signal jacket, we are planning on using a LilyPad and LEDs to make a form of wearable technology. Instead of having the user press buttons to make the LEDs flash, we want to make a jacket that causes the LEDs to be set to a specific brightness. As a result, the jacket would be an adjustable light-up jacket (useful for dark places!). The LEDs will be able to change brightness through some kind of knob, dial, or button.

So, coming into the lab we started to do some searches on how to make LEDs light up with the use of dials and Arduinos. We wanted to go with some kind of dial (or knob) so that the user has more control of the LED’s brightness. We decided to look at Youtube videos, instructables.com, and other Google searches. We were able to find a video of it working, which is listed below:

However, we were unable to find a tutorial. So after failed attempts at finding a tutorial, we decided to just stick with a digital brightness control and use buttons (since we were able to do it in the past).

Now that we have a clear focus on what to do, we decided to create a plan on how we are going to approach it. But instead of just following a YouTube tutorial of how to do it step by step, we wanted to get a better understanding of how the different components would work together. Since we don’t have any electrical engineering experience, we decided to go with the basics and learn everything there is to know about circuitry. We watched videos on how to solder LEDs with resistors, what resistors do, what breadboards do, etc. It was a little confusing to us, but it did help us gain a better appreciation and understanding of what we will be doing in the next few days. Knowing this information will definitely make the end product much more satisfying since we have more knowledge of how it was done.

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