Metrix Day!

November 18, 2011

After our group discussion of a second LED jacket, Amado, Julius, Brian and I took a trip to Metrix to work on the second jacket.  Since I have some experience working on the signal turn jacket with Cam, Paige and Blaine, I was able to help the group get started.  We delegated tasks to be more efficient since we were paying by the hour at Metrix.  Brian and I worked on sewing the Lilypad and battery pack onto the jacket.  I learned that my stitching of the conductive thread on the first jacket produced no conductivity therefore I would have to weave the conductive thread differently.

We brainstormed the design of which the LED’s would take on.  We had to take into account the number of LED’s we had and arrived at the idea of eyes!  We would put eyes on the hood of the jacket and make it blink.  Brian sketched out our ideas and we marked the position of the LED’s on the hood with corresponding colors.


Amado and Julius worked on wiring the LED’s together.  I used Blaine and Cam’s concept of wiring to help them get started.  One of the workers at Metrix gave us a wiring tool, which made the wiring easier.   After Julius learned how to operate the wiring tool, I asked him to teach me and he showed me how to wire the legs of the LED’s.  I learned that the longer leg is the positive end and the short leg is the negative end.  You wire the positive legs together and the short legs together.  We later found Jarmin who joined us in wiring the legs of the LED’s.  Overall, I think we had a very productive day at Metrix.

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