Today, Julius, Brian, Thuy, and I went to Metrix to work on the second LED jacket project.   We also met up with Jarmin for a little bit.  Julius and I were trying to figure out how to connect several LEDs together so they could all light up.  Thuy and Brian, in the meantime, sew the lily pad and battery pack onto the jacket (see Figure 1).

The Metrix dude gave me and Julius a small device to quickly test if we connected the LEDs properly.  We connected two LEDs with thin wire by wrapping them around each LED leg.  When we tried to light the LEDs with the device, it didn’t work.  We tried rewiring the LEDs again, but it still didn’t work.  After a while, we figured out that it wasn’t our wiring that was wrong, it was that the LED was just dead.  When we wired together two new LEDs, they both lit up (see Figure 2).

Wiring the LEDs with our hands was kind of a pain because the wires and LED legs were so tiny.  The Metrix guy gave us another tool that made wiring easier.   You simply put the thin wire through the smaller hole on the tool, put the LED leg through the larger hole on the tool, and twist to connect them together (see Figure 3).  We really wanted to take the tool with us, but we couldn’t.

Julius, Brian, Thuy, and I decided to put the LEDs on the front-end of the hood.  The LEDs would create two eyes when they lit up (see Figure 4).  We drew the tentative positions of the LEDs on the jacket and poked the LEDs legs through the jacket.  We then put the wafers that Cam created through each of the LEDs.  Then, we began to wire all of the LEDs together.  Jarmin also came in to help us in this step.  Each LED eye would have 6 LEDs (5 orange LEDs for the outer eye area and 1 blue LED for the pupil).

After we finish putting the actual LED jacket together, our next step would be to play with the code to make the LEDs adjust brightness using a dial/knob.

Figure 1                                                               Figure 2

   Figure 3                                                               Figure 4

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