For the past two weeks while Beth was away Hackademia has been discussing and thinking a lot about how we can all contribute to our project. During our first meeting we were able to establish where we were at and where we wanted to go. We discussed what roles there were in the blinky jacket project, which consisted of coding, sewing, making the wafers, and basically putting all the components together to make it blink. Since one blinky jacket project was not going to allow every individual in the group to work on a significant part of the project, we decided that we should have other projects going on at the same time. Some project ideas raised at the time included a temperature sensor clothing that would light up indicating the surrounding temperature, a party light up jacket for fun, to other crazy ideas. I believe right now the other wearable project is going to be a brightness adjustable jacket. After that meeting Blaine, me, Paige, and Thuy were able to go to Metrix to work on the blinky project right away.


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